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As one of the UK’s leading supporters of skin disease research the British Skin Foundation is on occasion approached to independently review the extensive research that companies undertake to ensure their products are not detrimental to the users skin health. 

This review is led by a professional panel made up of at least two independent BSF consultant dermatologists of which one will be an expert from within the field of study. The BSF panel review the technical and clinical data supplied by the companies research and development team. As well as electronic presentations subsequent face to face interviews are often necessary to thoroughly cover every aspect of the science behind the product. 

On the basis of the information shared, the BSF panel will then decide whether to recognise that a product fulfils its stated objectives and that every measure is taken to ensure it is not harmful to users or detrimental to skin health.

BSF research recognition is neither an endorsement of efficacy nor an indicator of market leadership.

The BSF and its panel conduct this work voluntarily preferring that the companies concerned recognise its main aims and objectives and choose to charitably support skin disease research. 

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