Brothers take on Atlantic Challenge 

Brothers, Jude Massey and Dr Greg Bailey are planning to cross the Atlantic Ocean in January 2018, to raise funds for the British Skin Foundation in memory of their father.


Peter Massey, Jude's father and Greg's stepfather, passed in August 2015 after an arduous 16 year long battle with skin cancer. One year after his passing the brothers decided to undertake this epic challenge, to cross the second largest ocean in the world in memory of him.

The effect that Peter's illness had on his family was very impactful. Jude, Peter's youngest son knew nothing different than to have a terminally ill father. In fact, Peter got diagnosed with skin cancer when Jude was born and deteriorated until he passed. Jude was 16 when he lost his father to skin cancer. It is for this reason the brothers have launched a campaign to raise an incredible £100,00 for skin cancer research and to generate awareness of the disease. 

The Ocean Brothers Full Film from Kelly Taylor on Vimeo.

The Challenge 

The trip is due to take place in January 2018 and will commence in the Canaries and end in Barbados. They will single handedly propel the rowing boat for over 3000 miles which will take 11 weeks to complete, depending upon conditions. 

“It is a gruelling trip’” explained Jude, “because we are rowing for two hours on and two hours off non-stop both day and night.”


They will rely entirely on solar panels to power a water maker which provides them with vital drinking water together with fresh water for rehydrating freeze-dried meals. As a vegan, Jude has the added challenge of finding suitable foods (that provide enough energy and are easily stored) for the crossing. If they complete the challenge, Jude is likely to become a record holder as the first vegan to complete this journey, shining the spotlight on endurance events for vegans.

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Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK, and rates continue to rise.

At least 100,000 new cases are now diagnosed each year, and the disease kills over 2,500 people each year in the UK - that's seven people every day.

Help the brothers raise vital funds for skin cancer research today. 



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