Support us at School 

Encourage your pupils to get creative and raise funds for a great cause 

Fundraising for us is as easy as ABC, generate vital funds for research into skin disease and skin cancer whilst your pupils have fun. Below are just a few ideas which may appeal to the children in your school. If you need any further inspiration or advice simply contact or call 02073916088

Dress Down Day

Invite your pupils to wear their own clothes (or even pyjamas to be extra comfy whilst in class) to school and ask for a small donation for the privilege. 

Bake Sale    

Encourage pupils to make some tasty treats and then sell them to parents and staff. Or maybe ask teachers to show off their baking skills and have a bake off competion. 

School Disco  

Sell tickets and encourage pupils to put on their dancing shoes, there could even be prizes for the best dancers.

Theme Day

This could be based on a current project i.e. Ancient Greece or within popular culture. Pupils could play related games and eat food related to the theme.

Sponsored Walk 

This could take place over a day, a week or a month. Not only will pupils get exercise, they could learn more about their local area. Just make sure everyone, including teachers, remembers their sunscreen, hat and sunglasses.

Talent Show

Hold a talent show to let your pupils show off their skills. Ask participants for an entry fee and charge people to watch the show. 

Sponsored Silence 

As a teacher you may appreciate a quiet classroom for once, ask pupils to take part with a prize going to the one who can last the longest without uttering a word. 

Games Day 

Allow pupils to select and play their favourite games, whether monopoly or football and give a small donation for the pleasure to do so. Perfect for the last day of term.  

If you have any questions or you would like some advice about organising an event at your school please get in touch and we're do our best to help you. 


Why donate to us?

Sixty percent of British people currently suffer from or have suffered with a skin disease at some point during their lifetime. Some skin conditions are manageable, others are severe enough to kill. We are here to help change that.

We raise money to fund research for cures for skin disease and skin cancer, but research doesn't fund itself.

We are the UK's only charity dedicated to skin research, and all of our donations and fundraising events are crucial to enabling us to continue our work.

We have supported more than 300 research projects and awarded £15 million in funding across all skin diseases including eczema, psoriasis and many more.

Help us find a cure today.