Support us at University 

Get Involved, have fun and raise funds for a great cause! 

We need your help to fight skin disease and skin cancer. Get together with your friends and fellow students, have fun and make a difference to the lives of millions of people in the UK. Below are just a few ideas to help inspire you, but of course feel free to get your creative juices flowing and come up with your own unique fundraiser, just make sure its legal! 

If you have any questions or you would like some advice hosting your own event please email or call 02073916088

Concert/Band Night 

Gather together those gifted with musical talent and host an evening/day of musicians/bands/djs and charge an entry fee for people to attend. If the event takes place in a bar or pub see if the manager would be willing to donate a percentage of bar profits to generate extra funds. 


Whether you cut, shave, wax, dye or grow your hair is completely up to you, just make sure people sponsor you handsomely to do something crazy to your locks. 

Theme Night 

Decade, film, sports the theme is completely up to you and how far you take it, once again, your choice. On the night you could also have games, food and drink related to your theme, all available to guests for a donation. 

Come Dine with Me 

If you your cooking skills go further than beans on toast then you could host a dinner party for friends. If you want to put your cooking and hosting skills to the test then invite friends to each host a dinner party and score each other, just like the programme. 

Sports Tournament 

If you play any form of sport for your university organise a tournament either with your fellow students or if you want to up the competitive stakes, get another university involved as well. 

Pub Quiz 

Ever fancied yourself as a quizmaster, well this could be your chance. 

Night In  

Instead of blowing most of your student loan on a night on the town, invite friends to your place and have an evening of pampering, dancing around the kitchen, playing games or watching films. Make your own food and drinks for your guests and in return ask for a donation.  

Craft Stall 

Cards, jewellery, clothes, whatever you have a talent for making sell them to fellow students, friends and family, (particularly great around Christmas). 

Give it Up 

Try giving up a vice for a month, whether its smoking, alcohol or junk food only you know, but not only could it improve your health you could also raise a great deal of funds to help fight skin disease and skin cancer. 

If you have any questions or you would like some advice about organising an event at your university please get in touch, we would love to hear from you! 


Why donate to us?

Sixty percent of British people currently suffer from or have suffered with a skin disease at some point during their lifetime. Some skin conditions are manageable, others are severe enough to kill. We are here to help change that.

We raise money to fund research for cures for skin disease and skin cancer, but research doesn't fund itself.

We are the UK's only charity dedicated to skin research, and all of our donations and fundraising events are crucial to enabling us to continue our work.

We have supported more than 300 research projects and awarded £15 million in funding across all skin diseases including eczema, psoriasis and many more.

Help us find a cure today.