Support us at Work 

Get together with your colleagues and raise funds for a great cause 

No matter where you work, we need your support. Together with your colleagues you can help to make a real difference to the millions of men, women and children who live with a skin disease in the UK. Below are some ideas as to how you can help the British Skin Foundation. 

Charity of the Year 

Choose us as your Charity of the Year and we’ll help you come up with exciting ways to raise money for BSF. It's an excellent way of boosting team morale gives clients and customers the opportunity to engage with your company in a new way.

Payroll Giving

This is an extremely easy way to donate to us directly from your pay. Best of all, payments are deducted from your pay before tax is deducted. This means that you are given tax relief on your donation immediately - and at your highest rate of tax. For more information and to sign up to Payroll Giving simply click here

Sponsor a BSF Event 

The British Skin Foundation has a team of creatively minded people who love organising events. If you would like us to help you to develop an event you would like to sponsor or perhaps simply support an event we already have planned, then we can do so.

Hold your own Event 

If you already have an event(s) or promotions planned then why not simply add a fundraising element to it? This could include fundraising activities such as a raffle at your event or donating a percentage of ticket sales to BSF.

Challenge Yourself 

We have some very exciting events coming up in 2017, so if you and your colleagues fancy a challenge then why not take a look at our events section; we have everything from places in the British 10K to trekking your way to the stunning Everest Base Camp . Taking on a challenge together means you always have each other to keep motivation up when you need it most. 

Cause related marketing 

The benefits of brand or product supporting the British Skin Foundation is great for companies - not only can it help increase sales but it can also bring in new customers and maintain existing customers. 

Company Donations

We welcome many forms of donations from companies, these are always well received as they help us reduce our costs and so ultimately allow us to put more money into skin disease research. They are many ways you can help us including; 

Auction and raffle prizes: To raise extra funds at our events additional fundraising activities can be very effective. If your company could spare any gift it would be most appreciated. 

Grants: Your company could fund a research project that could possibly lead to a cure or at least treatment for skin disease sufferers. 

Resources: Through you or your colleagues volunteering to help the British Skin Foundation with our work, we would be able to maintain the high standard of events and fundraising initiatives.  

Venues: We always want to put on new and interesting events, so if you have an interesting or unique venue that you would be willing to allow us to use we would love to hear from you. 

If you would like any further information about any of the above please contact Kelly on 020 7391 6088 or